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Meet Our Team!

Donnie Weber: King Pin

Donnie Weber - King Pin

Donnie Weber, the face behind the magic at Vapor Rio, started this business with one goal in mind: to help people live a healthier life through that of the alternative: Electronic Cigarettes. No more days of gasping for air, or wondering if you smell okay in a crowd. The only thing this line of business gets people craving is breakfast as you remind them of Maple Syrup!

Ben-Jamin: Juice Expert-Customer Enthusiast & Professional Hat Wearer

Ben-Jamin Garner - Vape Tech

Ben-Jamin Garner, the newest addition to the Vapor Rio team, but a long time family friend is often identified by his favorite article of clothing: his hat! Don’t be surprised if all your questions are answered with a smile while dealing with Ben. Not only does he know a lot of information in regards to Vaping, but he loves people as well!

Devon Weber - JR Kingpin

Devon Weber, one of Donnie Weber’s handful of children though he has been in the front line of the shop can now be found in the background of Vapor Rio. Working hard to make a name for the shop in the past 12 months, he focuses his time on Marketing the business through Social Media & Website Appeal. 

Bay-Ceetoe: Devon's Wife

Baliegh Weber - Devon's Wife

Though you may not see Baliegh behind the counter often, don’t be surprised if you walk in and see her smiling face looking back at you. Daughter in Law to Donnie, she has found her way through extensive knowledge of the Vape World, and making sure your needs are met with a smile!

Company History:

Vapor Rio was Established in the later part of April 2013, with a goal in mind: give those addicted to Cigarettes a healthier alternative. Vaping became a love of the owners heart from his personal experience and quickly translated into the birth of Vapor Rio. A love for customers was a given as Donnie had a long line of work with customers throughout his history in the workforce. Not liking his previous experience in Vape Shops around town, he used that to build on the companies foundational characteristics: integrity, knowledge and a place for customers to be while feeling completely at home. Vapor Rio: Everything E-Cig & Vape Lounge! 

A Trip Down Memory Lane


To Wholesales & Juice Distributers:

If you or someone who is apart of your company desires the opportunity to do business along side Vapor Rio, whether E-Liquid partnerships or product wholesaling all inquires are always welcome with the tag, Attention Donnie. For E-Liquid prospects, we look to take all companies into consideration equally through a trial period of sampling the given line of product. This process can be as quickly as 2 weeks and as late as 4 weeks. If by the end of this period you have not heard from us, don’t be afraid to give us a call, because we look forward to hearing from you! We are always looking to stock our shelfs with your high quality product. Your fastest line of communication in this process is through the owner directly by shop phone Monday’s & Tuesday’s all day, or by email at:  donnieweber1111@gmail.com